1. Thrust Areas of Mission:
    • Water Supply,
    • Sewerage facilities and septage management.
    • Storm drains to reduce flooding.
    • Pedestrian, non-motorized and public transport facilities, parking spaces, reduce pollution levels.
    • Enhance amenity value of cities by creating and upgrading green spaces, parks and recreation centers, especially for children.

  2. Coverage:
    • Total number of cities in India : 500 cities
    • Total number of cities in Rajasthan : 28 cities (list enclosed)
    • MoUD, GoI has been requested to include 4 cities namely Sardarshahar, Makrana, Barmer and Banswara.
    • Being requested to include Jhalawar under AMRUT.

  3.  Fund allocation :
    • Total project fund for each city : 160 crores

  4. Funding Pattern:
    • For cities with  population 10 lacs : GoI-50%, GoR (Proposed)-30% & ULB (Proposed)-20%
    • For cities with  population 10 lacs : GoI-33%, GoR (Proposed)-33% & ULB (Proposed)-34%

  5. Reforms : 
    • Mission mandates a set of 11 reforms which have to be implemented by all states and 500 mission cities within a period of 4 years.

  6. Service Level Improvement Plan (SLIP) :
    • To be prepared by each eligible cities in given formats after assessing the service level gaps.
    •  Targeted to be submitted by the ULBs by 03rd September, 2015.

  7. State Annual Action Plan (SAAP) :
    • To be prepared by adding SLIPs of all eligible cities.
    • To  be approved by MoUD, GoI.
    • DPRs has to be prepared for each city as per approved SAAP.

  8. Release of Funds :
    • The Funds will be released in three Installments 20:40:40 for each eligible city.
    • 25 Lacs will be released to each city as advance for preparation of SLIPs/capacity building.

  9. Execution:
    • By respective ULBs/Parastatal.
    • Action to allot Project Development and Management Consultancy (PDMC) work to PDCOR Ltd. has been initiated and the work is likely to be allotted shortly.