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Rajasthan Urban Drinking Water Sewerage & Infrastructure Corporation Limited (RUDSICO)

(A Government of Rajasthan Undertaking)

Regd. Office: Old Working Women Hostel Building, Behind Nehru Palace, Lal Kothi, Jaipur Ph. – 0141 – 2742240, 2742538, 2742263 Fax - 2740771 Email- RUDSICO@gmail.com


Rajasthan Urban Drinking Water Sewerage & Infrastructure Corporation Limited (RUDSICO) is a Government Company registered under Companies Act, 1956, incorporated in Dec., 2004. Currently the Authorized Share Capital of the Company is Rs. 33.00 Cr. Also the paid up Share Capital of the Corporation is Rs. 33.00 Crore and the entire capital is held by the State Government, pertaining to which Shares have been issued to the State Government under the name of Hon’ble Governor of Rajasthan.

Board of Directors

1. Sh. Rajpal Singh Shekhawat Hon’ble Minister LSG &UDH Chairman 
2. Dr. Manjit Singh, IAS Principal Secretary, LSG Vice- Chairman & CEO
3. Mr. Devendra Bhushan, IAS Principal Secretary, PWD Director
4. Mr. Ajitabh Sharma Secretary Water Resource Deptt. Director
5. Mr. Siddaharth Mahajan Special Sec.,Finance (Budget) Director
6. Mr. Purushottam Biyani Director, Local Bodies,Raj. Director

List of Shareholders

Certificate No. Name of the holder No. of Shares
01,09 & 10 H.E. the Governor of Rajasthan 329,99,9993
02 Dr. Manjit Singh, Pr. Secretary, LSG Department 1
03 Sh. Devendra Bhushan Gupta, PS, UDH & LSG Department 1
04 Sh. Siddaharth Mahajan, Special Secretary, Finance (Budget) 1
05 Ms. Sanchita Vishnoi  ,Additional Director, Deptt. Of Local Bodies, Jaipur 1
06 CAO, DLB 1
07 Mrs. Madhu Rathore, Sr. AO,DLB 1
08 Sr, A,O,, DLB 1

Main Objectives of Company

The main objects to be pursued by the company are:

  • To give financial assistance to ULBs/Government Agencies/Non Government organization.
  • To give subsidy, aid, assistance of any financial nature to ULBs/Govt. Agencies/Non Govt. Agencies.
  • To arrange or provide consultancy services, technical, financial and other consultancy to ULBs.
  • To carry out survey for schemes and programme relating to Infrastructure Development.
  • To receive amount as revenue from ULBs.
  • To distribute on behalf of Govt. grant-in-aid and financial assistance to ULBs.
  • To arrange or raise funds from public, institutional investor, Banks or Financial Institutions.
  • To plan and financial monitor all type of project related to development of Urban Areas in Rajasthan.
  • To set up a Central Urban Data Center for collecting and updating of all information relating to urban development and urban Infrastructure for the urban areas of the state.

Present activities of RUDSICO

  1. State Level Nodal Agency (SLNA) for Urban Infrastructure & Governance (UIG), Basic Services to Urban Poor (BSUP), Urban Infrastructure Development Scheme for Small and Medium Towns (UIDSSMT) and Integrated Housing & Slum Development Project (IHSDP) under JnNURM, Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY) and National River Conservation Plan (NRCP) works.
  2. Operation & Management of Rajasthan Urban Development Fund (RUDF) worth Rs. 1000 Crore on behalf of Government of Rajasthan.
  3. Nodal Agency for construction of Railway over Bridges (ROBs) in urban areas in Rajasthan.
  4. Nodal Agency for, Rajasthan Urban Information System (RUIS) and E-Nagar Mitra projects.
  5. Nodal Agency for Construction of Town Hall and Road at Nagaur City under 12th Finance Commission (TFC).
  6. Nodal agency for Seven Sewerage projects.
  7. Independent Quality Control & Quality Monitoring (QC &M) and other Works including Scrutiny of Detail Project Reports (DPRs) and Works of City Development Plan (CDP).


RUDSICO has been designated as SLNA for UIDSSMT, UIG, IHSDP and BSUP schemes under JNNURM in Rajasthan by the State Government.

The nodal agency is supposed to perform the following functions :

  1. Appraisal of projects submitted by ULBs / Para-statal agencies.
  2. Obtaining sanction of State Level Steering Committee for seeking assistance from Central Government under JNNURM.
  3. Management of grants received from Central and State Government
  4. Release of funds to ULBs / Para-statal agencies either as grant, or soft loan or grant cum loan.
  5. Monitoring physical and financial progress of sanctioned projects.
  6. Monitoring implementation of reforms as entered into MoA.



RUDSICO has been designated as a nodal agency for the development works taken at Nagaur town under the executing agency TCIL, New Delhi vide Local Self Govt. Department, order no. RUDSICO/Nagaur/2009-10/3300-05 dated 25.11.2009.

Details of Works

  • Town Hall/ Community Centre Building, sanctioned cost Rs. 2 Cr.
  • Construction of Roads & Street lighting, sanctioned cost Rs. 10 Cr.

The status of the Fund is as under:

  • Town Hall : Work of isolated footing has been completed. The work of casting of columns upto roof height has been     completed. The work of Shuttering for roof is under progress.
  • Roads: Out of 47 roads of about 29 Km length, BT work on 25 roads of 13 Km length has been completed and on 18 roads     of about 13.37 km, work is in progress.
  • Street Lighting : Cable laying has been done in length of 0.5 km and the same is in progress in remaining 4.7 km. 12     electric poiles have also been erected out of 159 nos.

Entire work of roads and street lighting is likely to be completed upto stipulated date of completion.

GOR has released Rs. 4 Cr. in the year 2010-10 under TFC funds. The remaining budget of Rs. 8 cr is to be released for the year 2010-11.

Rajasthan Urban Infrastructure System (RUIS)

The objective of RUIS is to establish a comprehensive GIS-based information system in the ULBs for planning, management and de-centralized governance. This GIS-based RUIS will be the core support to prepare detailed Master Development Plan / Zonal Development Plans for concerning town/city and also support city administration and e-governance activities. The project involves mapping of six towns namely Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner, Kota & Ajmer under SUARAJ project.

The work order for above project (RUIS - I) was awarded to M/s RMSI Pvt. Ltd. At a contract value of Rs. 6,12,75,947.00. The Project has been completed successfully in July, 2009 except for the Training on the usage of application developed under the p[project. Nominations has been requested from concerned departments for providing training to their officers and the same is seem to be completed by the end of November, 2010.


Most of the reforms, out of 23 State/ULB level & Optional reforms for which MoA was signed between GoI, GoR & ULB at the time of sanction of JnNURM projects, have been accomplished. Three reforms namely (a) Transfer of water supply function to ULBs (Mandatory reform as part of the transfer of 18 functions to ULBs as per 74th CAA) (b) bye-laws for re-use of recycled water (c) Introduction of Property Title Certification system, have not been accomplished as per the agreed time lines committed in the MoA. The present status for implementation of above reforms is as follows:

  • Transfer of water supply function to ULBs: The water supply system which presently is being looked after by Public Health Engineering Department cannot be transferred to ULBs in view of non availability of adequate trained and qualified technical manpower and institutional capacity of ULBs. State is planning to form a City Level Committee, with adequate representation from Municipal Bodies which will have adequate say in determining the tariff of water, laying of distribution network for water supply in the city/town and overall monitoring of water supply distribution system.
  • Bye-laws for re-use of recycled water: Comprehensive rules for re-use of recycled water have been prepared and shall be issued soon.
  • Introduction of Property Title Certification system: Govt. of India has constituted a committee to suggest ways and means to accomplish this task. State would consider the suggestions made in this report and try to implement the same.

Although reform of property tax has been accomplished, however the coverage of property tax, which has been re-introduced in the name of Urban Development Tax, has been reduced in view of exemptions given by the state. Govt. of India is insisting on 85% coverage and 90% collection efficiency as agreed by the State at the time of signing MoA. The state is in the process of putting up a property tax system which meets the requirement of commitment made in the MoA by the State Government in terms of coverage & collection of the tax.





LSG Department, Government of Rajasthan has decided for overall computerization of Municipal activities in all the 184 Urban Local Bodies. The assignment has been given to RUDSICO for undertaking this project. In Phase-I, E-Nagar Mitra Project, has been started in 19 ULBs and 6 Regional Offices of Directorate of Local Bodies situated at Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Udaipur,Bikaner & Ajmer, on decentralized architecture using the Application Software developed by RUIDP. The work order for 19 ULBs has been awarded to M/s Ideal Systems Pvt. Ltd (TSP) Ahmedabad on 02.11.2006.

The project, which is funded by TFC grants, is being executed in two phases. Phase I (Setup phase) was completed in May, 2008. Phase II (Operation and Maintenance phase) was for the period of three years, which will continue till May, 2011.

Status of the Project:

  • A total no. of 1093014 Birth and Death Certificates have been issued till now.
  • Double Entry accounting system has been rolled out.
  • Website development of all the ULBs has been completed and is under process of hosting.
  • Verification of all the ULBs has been completed.
  • IPAI (Institute of Public Auditors of India) has been hired for quality inspection and evaluation of the work conducted by M/s Ideal Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • OBS for 19 ULBs been created and submitted.


In phase II, the Government has decided the computerization of al 184 ULBs of Rajasthan (including the ULBs covered under Phase I) as per NeGP Mission Mode Project to provide efficient citizen centric services on BOOT Basis. The tenders for implementation were called several times but could not be finalized due to lack of proper participation from IT Companies. In view of this it was decided to implement the project in phased manner.

The web based citizen centric application has been developed by the PMC and is being under pilot testing and implementation at Municipal Council, Bhilwara. In order to develop the centralized architecture through which all the ULBs will be connected, Data Centre space development has been completed at DLB building. The procurement of server infrastructure for Data Center on DGS & D is under process, whereas the RFP for procurement of the Non- RC items has been prepared and sent to DOIT& C for vetting and approval.

It was decided to implement the web based application developed under E- Nagar mitra project in 68 ULBs of Rajasthan in its first phase. Tender document for implementing the same is under preparation.


A large IT infrastructure project like E-Nagar Mitra requires application of specialized knowledge at every step. Services of Program Management Consultant are required. A Project Management Consultant intervention ensures that RUDSICO’s requirements are comprehensively captured and converted in to adequate system requirement. Therefore, it has been decided by the Board to appoint PMC for the Phase II project and accordingly an NIT for the appointment of Project management Consultant has been issued on 01.09.2007. The work has been awarded to M/s E-Connect Solutions Private Limited, Udaipur.

The scope of PMC is to modify the application software prepared under the RUIDP initiated E- Governance project to meet the requirements of Web Enabled programme / citizen centric application as per NMMP guidelines. The Web Based application for all the services provided by ULBs has been developed and is being under pilot testing and implementation at Municipal Council Bhilwara by the PMC.

PMC is also assisting RUDSICO for developing the implementation strategy for rolling out the same in 68 ULBs in its first phase.

Project Management Unit (PMU)

In order to enhance the capacity of SLNA and to provide the requiite technical and managerial support to SLNA for implementation of projects approved under JnNURM, the proposals for establishing of PMU has been approved by MOUD, GOI on 28.01.08. PMU has been appointed and fully functional at SLNA, RUDSICO.

Similarly SLNA has been authorized to negotiate with the agency appointed as PMU for UIG, for facilitating programme management and monitoring for the projects approved under UIDSSMT vide MOUD no. K- 14012/101(16)/2009-NURM II dated June, 2009. The MOUD has been requested to sanction 3 post – Project Management and Procurment Specialist, Public Works & Public Health Engineer and MFE in Feb. 2010. Reply is awaited.

Project Implementation Units (PIUs)

In order to enhance the capacity of ULBs in the Mission cities to implement projects and reforms envisaged under JNNURM, the proposals for establishing PIUs have been approved in the 43rd Meeting of CSMC held on 28.01.2008. the total admissible support towards establishing PIUs in Jaipur and Ajmer Pushkar for three years is Rs. 108 Lakh. The PIUs has been established in both the mission cities. MOUD GOI vide their letter no. K-14011/10/2008-UD-1 dated 22.04.09 to constitute one PIU upto 15 ULBs and for more than 15 ULBs one additional PIU. It is proposed to have 2 PIUs with Hq. at Jaipur for letter control.

Independent Review and Monitoring Agency (IRMA)

For review and monitoring process and to take of the physical and financial progress of the projects through out of project development life cycle, WAPCOS Limited, Gurgaon has been identified as Independent Review and Monitoring Agency (IRMA) for UIG projects, after competitive bidding as per guidelines issued by MOUD, GOI. The proposal has been approved by the Ministry held on 22.02.08. The Contract has been executed between Executive Director, RUDSICO and WAPCOS Limited, Gurgaon on 23.05.2008. WAPCOS Limited since then has carrying out inspection of UIG projects & is submitting their reports.